Public-Civil-Partnerships for a Better City

Imagine: an urban politician wants to impose that some streets become car-free during summer. Even if reasons are good – better air quality, kids get room to play – the result is quite predictable. The residents of the streets would revolt, for different reasons. Some...

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A new social contract for the 21st century

From the gilet jaunes to young climate marchers around the world, a new surge of protestors is voicing discontent and demanding a change of course to ensure a sustainable future that is fair to citizens and environment. Dirk Holemans gives his take on striking a new...

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Citizens Building a New Europe

While the European Union struggles with a declining confidence from its citizens, we do see many sparks of hope arise at grassroots level. More and more citizens set up initiatives to make society more resilient, offering alternatives for a better, more...

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