Dirk Holemans

Author, researcher and coordinator of Oikos think tank


More translations of the essay ‘Dare to Care’

More translations of the essay ‘Dare to Care’

In 2021, together with Marie-Monique Franssen and Philsan Osman, I wrote the essay in Dutch ' Who do we want to take care of? Ecofeminism as a source of inspiration”. The reason was of course the corona crisis, which exposed how little we really care for each other and for the nature of which we are part. As an alternative to the current extractive predatory economy on people...

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A postgrowth economy needs new institutions

It is an insight we can no longer ignore: the economy cannot keep growing on a finite planet. The illusion of infinite growth disrupted the natural processes that provided a stable living environment, with ever more frequent heat waves, forest fires, hurricanes, and...

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