Focus panel 9 – Building an energy sector compatible with ecological limits


Europe is struggling to provide clean and affordable energy to its citizens. In response to the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the EU has taken crisis measures aimed at energy savings, diversification of energy supplies and accelerated roll-out of renewable energy. But the EU is still far removed from an independent, resilient, clean and socially sustainable energy system. In this panel we look at possible systemic changes the EU’s energy architecture would require to provide stable, secure, affordable and clean energy to all. Should we move from energy efficiency to energy sufficiency? What is the appropriate (mix of) ownership for energy provision in Europe? What changes would be required to the governance of European energy infrastructure, to achieve an energy sector compatible with ecological limits?

Chair Bas Eickhout – MEP (Greens/EFA), Beyond Growth Conference organiser


  • Antonella Battaglini – Chief executive officer, Renewables Grid Initiative, World Economic Forum
  • Julia Steinberger – Professor, University of Lausanne
  • Lisa Fischer – Programme leader, E3G
  • Dirk Holemans – Coordinator, Oikos
  • Stéphane Bourgeois – European relations and policies manager, négaWatt

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